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BeamOn HR

1.4 Megapixel CCD Beam profiler, 12 Bit resolution. A complete test station measuring Profile, Power and Position, both for CW and Pulsed beams. Based on a USB 2.0 interface for notebooks. Offered with a complete set for larger beams and high power attenuation.

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The BeamOn HR system is a beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement of CW or Pulsed laser beams. It provides laser beam parameters, such as: beam width, shape, position, power, and intensity profiles. Software also provides report function for beam analysis settings and results (see an example on Downloads).

The BeamOn HR is based on a USB 2.0 CCD Camera, software driven device, which can be connected to a Notebook (or Desktop) computer via the High Speed USB 2.0 port and run on Windows 7 OS (32 & 64 bit).

*New feature: Built-in motorized filter wheel controlled by software ( or ActiveX) further widening the optical bandwidth.







Camera type

Monochrome interline transfer progressive scan, 1.4 MP CCD ½ “ format

Pixel size:


Sensor active area


Spectral response

350 – 1310nm

Max frame rate

15fps at 1392x1040, 30 fps with binning (2X)

Image resolution

1392X 1040

Shutter speed

0.6sec to 1µsec

Gain Control

X1 to X23

Dynamic range

60DB not include filters

Damage threshold

50W/cm^2 with filters


5nW/cm^2 @633nm, 60µW/mm^2 @ 1310nm





Trigger in

RCA female jack, 4.5V square wave TTL

Power consumption

6V, 4Watts

Mounting threads

¾” X 32 when filter wheel removed

Accessories included

Filter wheel with 3X NG Schott colored filters (NG4, NG9, NG10) in housing. Adaptor ring for user filter. Mounting post.

Operation with pulsed laser:

Ability to capture and replay images from slowly pulsing lasers (1-100Hz) while filtering out frames with no laser pulse. Provision for displaying single shot pulses.

Hardware triggering:

In pulsed mode set threshold by slide bar to display frames with captured pulses.


BeamOn IR-1550nm spec:

Spectral  response

1550nm+/- 50nm






Ordering Information

BeamOn HR A camera for 350 – 1310nm, a standard USB2.0 cable, a post, a set of 3XND filters in housing on a built-in filter wheel (removable), software on CD disk, carrying case.

BeamOn HR 1550 A camera for 1550nm+/-50nm

BeamOn HR-AFW – Built in Motorized automatic filter wheel.

Additional accessories:
SAM1 Beam sampler (ratio 3X10^(-3))
SAM2 Beam sampler (ratio 1X10^(-6))
SAM3-A Beam sampler polarization preserving (ratio 0.0016 Avg)
RDC Beam reducer (ratio 2X1)
RDC-FILT 1/8 ND filter, M37X0.75
MOUNTB Mounting base
NG-Filters 1.6mm thick Schott colored filter in housing with adaptor, types: NG4/NG9/NG10
Adapter C-Mount adapter ring

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