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Laser Beam Profiler is a beam diagnostics measurement system for real-time measurement of continuous or pulsed laser beams. The laser manufacturer or the laser user is able to get beam parameters such as beam shape, energy distribution, power and position.

An autocollimator is an optical instrument that is used to measure small angles with very high sensitivity. As such, the autocollimator has a wide variety of applications including precision alignment, detection of angular movement, verification of angle standards, and angular monitoring over long periods.

SpotOn and AlignMeter will prove as excellent measuring devices for applications such as mirror alignment, articulated robotic beam delivery systems, quality control of lasers, pointing stability measurements and other various positioning and beam monitoring systems.

Large-area position-sensing detectors (PSDs) can detect and record the position of incident light beams. PSDs are used in many different applications, such as in the analysis of light sources or in the alignment of heavy machinery and targets when used in conjunction with a laser.

Applications using Single Type systems:

  1. Laser testing
  2. Controlling optical beam alignment
  3. Measuring linear displacements
  4. Measurement of the parallelism of rollers
  5. Non-contact distance measuring system
  6. Measuring the straightness in the gun barrel
  7. Examining errors in slideways
  8. Measuring the straightness
  9. Measuring the flatness

Applications using Duplex Type systems:

  1. Alignment of articulated arms
  2. Alignment of lasers and laser tubes
  3. Alignment of laser systems to a mechanical datum plane
  4. Quality assurance of laser projector for laser scannersc


pdfDivergence Measurement

pdfBeam Positioning Tutorial.pdf

pdfPositioning Applications.pdf

pdfBeam Profiling Introduction.pdf

pdfAutocollimator Tutorial.pdf

pdfAnglemeter Tutorial.pdf

pdfHigh power Beam Profiling.pdf

pdfAlignment of Articulated Arms.pdf


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