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AlignMeter USB

AlignmeterSimultaneous measurements of position and angular displacements.
The system offers real time measurements of beam position and angular displacements as well as power display, with resolution down to 0.1 um.

The system measures CW beams, and offers portable, fast and accurate beam alignment solution.

It is a USB2.0 device, the system runs on any Notebook computer with Windows 7 OS (32 & 64 bit).

Multiple devices control via USB port is possible. Data streaming via TCP/IP communication protocol or RS232.

ActiveX software for integration in customer’s application program is available. A complete system based on a sensor head with 3m long attached cable, an electronics box with USB2.0 cable, software on CD disk, carrying case.



AlignMeter measurement specifications

The AlignMeter head is composed of two PSD’s, beam splitter and lens assembly.

PSD size 9mmx9mm (Standard) 4mmx4mm (Optional)
Type Dual-axis Si resin, no glass cover  
Usable beam size range 50µm to Æ8mm 50µm to Æ3mm
Update rate Max 150Hz at 500Hz digital filter  
Spectral range 350-1100nm  
Position measurement range 8mm dia circle max 3mm dia circle max
Power range 10µW-10mW with filters  
Power accuracy (*) ±5%  
Lens type Plano convex achromat, A/R coated  
Beam splitter 50:50 A:R coated, non-polarized  
Temperature range 0°c - 35°c  
Optional accessories ND filters, Hood  

(*) To maintain full calibration accuracy, attenuating optical filter (ND) may be necessary for operation with beams
greater than 1mW per PSD @ 633nm

AlignMeter – 50 specifications

Lens focal length 50mm
Position resolution Down to 0.1µm at 50Hz digital filter+Averaging
Position accuracy ±15µm edge-to-edge       (±8µm)
Angle measurement range 180 mRad                         (90 mRad)
Angle resolution 0.02 mRad                       (0.01 mRad)
Angle accuracy 0.5 mRad edge-to-edge (0.01 mRad)
Weight 140 Gr. Excluding cables

AlignMeter – 100 specifications

Lens focal length 100mm
Position resolution Down to 0.1µm at 50Hz digital filter+Averaging
Position accuracy ±15µm edge-to-edge       (±8µm)
Angle measurement range 80 mRad                           (40 mRad)
Angle resolution 0.01 mRad                         (0.006 mRad)
Angle accuracy 0.25 mRad edge-to-edge (0.15 mRad)
Weight 180 Gr. Excluding cables

Note: all values (in parentheses) refer to 4x4mm PSD version


pdfAlign Meter USB Brochure2.06 MB 


Demo Software: AlignMeter demo software

(Password required, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Ordering Information

Complete system including a manifold box, USB2.0 cable, measuring head, software and user manual on CD, carrying case

ALIGN-USB-50 Measuring head with focal length f=50mm
ALIGN-USB-100 Measuring head with focal length f=100mm (Standard configuration)

Optional accessories

ALIGN-FLT-NG4 NG4 filter in housing
ALIGN-FLT-NG9 NG9 filter in housing
ALIGN-FLT-NG10 NG10 filter in housing
ALIGN-HOOD 55mm long, for ambient light suppression


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